StorSimple Inc. Appliance 1010

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Silver Award:

StorSimple Inc. Appliance 1010

The StorSimple Appliance 1010 is designed to get data into the cloud. It includes on-premise storage and also serves as a gateway that connects iSCSI storage to popular cloud services.

Product features include its Weighted Storage Layout (WSL) that identifies storage usage patterns and automatically tiers data. It also includes thin provisioning, WAN optimization with primary storage deduplication that moves data to the cloud more efficiently, and encryption for data in motion over the network and at rest in the cloud. The system provides on on-ramp to cloud storage services such as AT&T Synaptic, Amazon S3, EMC Atmos, Iron Mountain Digital and Microsoft Azure. Its data tiers also include solid-state drives and SAS.

The system is optimized for Microsoft applications such as Exchange and SharePoint, user files and virtual machines. It uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to take snapshots of Microsoft applications and the Windows file system for backups.

StorSimple's highest scores from our judges came in the innovation and value categories.

"A highly innovative SAN storage, deduping, tiering, cloud gateway," one judge said. "It provides a seamless way to utilize cloud storage."

"Nice tiering and cloud features, and reasonably priced," another judge said.

Pricing for the StorSimple 1010, the smallest of three configurations, starts at $15,000 for a 10 TB configuration.

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