Products of the Year 2004:

Storage Management

Bronze Award:

Softek Performance Tuner 1.1

Softek Performance Tuner 1.1

Performance Tuner, from Softek Storage Solutions Inc., Vienna, VA., identifies existing, as well as potential, storage bottlenecks and component failures. However, it adds a new capability not commonly found in storage resource management (SRM) suites -- storage administrators can analyze whether different performance metrics are related to each other. For instance, they can analyze whether performance problems on a database server are connected to the saturation of an ISL in their SAN environment.

The ability to look at any two devices and see if there is a causal effect of one on the performance of the other is a unique feature. It's also one that puts users in a position to take an active management role in tuning the performance of the storage network supporting their critical applications.

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