Quantum Corp. DXi6500 Family (DXi6530, DXi6540 and DXi6550)

EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array with EMC Data Domain Boost

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Quantum Corp. DXi6500 Family (DXi6530, DXi6540 and DXi6550)

Quantum has been on a streak of adding and updating its disk backup product lines. The latest new products -- the DXi6500 family that includes the DXi6530, DXi6540 and DXi6550 models -- adds more choice for users looking for a network-attached storage (NAS) backup appliance that provides data deduplication along with simplicity and value for midrange environments."This is a major leap forward for Quantum on this product line," a judge said. "It has competitive performance with unique features."

Quantum's DXi6500 family has a maximum ingest rate of 2.5 TB per hour. The family scales from 8 TB to 56 TB of usable capacity. The DXi6540 and DXi6550 offer integrated tape creation, and the DXi6550 has high-speed 10 GbE connectivity. It's certified for direct tape creation through Symantec OST, with path-to-tape support available in DXi6500 models for long-term data retention and compliance.

With its deduplication engine and replication technology, the DXi6500 family reduces both the amount of disk required for backup and the bandwidth needed for replication, so it's ideal for use at remote sites. Advanced reporting features provide a detailed view of internal appliances and can gather data for trend analysis. All software features are bundled with each DXi6500 model and are included in the base price.

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