QLogic SANbox 5200 switch

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QLogic SANbox 5200 switch

QLogic SANbox 5200 switch

QLogic Corp.'s SANbox 5200 is the first stackable switch featuring 10Gb FC technology. Starting at $5,795 for an eight-port configuration, the SANbox 5200 comes with many ease-of-use features such as wizards for installation, configuration and zoning. QLogic's bundled management application—SANsurfer Management Suite—also simplifies stack management by allowing users to monitor status, diagnose problems and perform upgrades from one application.

The SANbox 5200 can scale to 64 ports (you only pay for the ports you use) and delivers the performance of a modular switch. A single, 10Gb inter-switch link (ISL) ensures low latency between switches and eliminates the cost and complexity of trunking 2Gb ports. And the SANbox 5200 features non-disruptive code load and activation, so a user can install firmware upgrades without the need to reboot the system.

According to one judge, the SANbox 5200 "is incredibly easy to use, with all the SAN functionality you could ask for at a very low price. It makes SANs a no-brainer [for small businesses or remote offices]."

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