ProStor Systems InfiniVault

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ProStor Systems InfiniVault

Until the announcement of this product, ProStor Systems sold its RDX removable disk cartridges primarily through OEMs. But last year, ProStor designed a unique archiving system for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which it sells under its name. InfiniVault appliances include internal disk cache and varying numbers of slots for RDX cartridges; software bundled with the products automatically migrates data according to frequency of access from the internal disk cache to the removable disks that can be sent offsite. Because the majority of the capacity is removable, the theoretical capacity of the archive is infinite and RDX disks don't need the InfiniVault system to be read later on.

InfiniVault is available in three models, ranging from a standard PC tower form factor that holds 1.6 TB of internal disk to the Model 100, which supports up to 40 TB internally.

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