Onaro SANscreen Replication Assurance

Products of the Year 2006:

Storage management software

Bronze Award:

Onaro SANscreen Replication Assurance

A previous winner, Onaro Inc. continues to build software that genuinely solves users' problems. SANscreen Replication Assurance focuses on one thing, and does it extremely well. It provides a global inventory of all replication devices, the type of replication between devices and whether replication tasks are performed according to service-level agreements. If a replication job is disrupted, SANscreen Replication Assurance provides root-cause analysis and reports actions to address the issue.

It's the first product of its kind, according to our judges, who have faith in its ability to perform as advertised given the company's previous success. With disaster recovery a standard requisite for large data centers, this product adds some quality assurance to this vital process—assurance that's been missing until now.

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