Onaro Application Insight 2.0

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Storage management software

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Onaro Application Insight 2.0

Application Insight 2.0 analyzes storage tier assignments and load balances apps across the storage infrastructure. The software then uncovers any issues causing application performance problems.

The product leverages Onaro's SANscreen Service Insight module, which takes data from the storage environment and constructs a live path model that shows how the storage hosts communicate with the disk arrays. With path visibility established, Application Insight collects performance information from all of the switch ports in the SAN, lays this information atop the path data, and then constructs a real-time load distribution model of the storage infrastructure.

Storage teams can use SANscreen's load distribution model to identify low-traffic hosts; view the load distribution across arrays; analyze congestion for one host and determine which other hosts are competing for the same array resources; and receive multipath alerts. Product cost is $150 per port.

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