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NuView StorageX 5.0

NuView StorageX 5.0

Release 5.0 of StorageX has solidified Houston-based NuView Inc.'s position as a pioneer in global namespace technology amid a host of new competitors entering this market.

A global namespace acts as a logical layer that sits between clients and file systems for the purpose of aggregating multiple, geographically dispersed heterogeneous file systems. It then presents file information to users and applications in a single, logical view.

The benefits of a global namespace are clear and compelling: Users (and applications) are shielded from physical storage complexities. Administrators can add, move, rebalance and reconfigure physical storage without affecting how users view and access it. And it provides a platform for developing functions such as data migration, server consolidation and disaster recovery.

Enhancements in release 5.0 include byte-level file differential replication, which avoids replicating entire files that tax WAN bandwidth and storage capacity; policy-based provisioning; integration with Network Appliance's NearStore for disaster recovery purposes; and the ability to create a tiered architecture.

"StorageX solves an important NAS management problem," said one judge. "By pooling NAS filers into a single image, it greatly reduces management disruptions and cost."

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