NetEx HyperIP 5.5

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NetEx HyperIP 5.5

Network Executive Software (NetEx) Inc.'s HyperIP 5.5 software enables faster WAN data replication and recovery by accelerating TCP applications using standard Internet connections. HyperIP provides an alternative to dedicated point-to-point data lines, and is available in a 1U-sized appliance using standard, off-the-shelf components.

The judges give it high marks for ease of integration and value. One judge says HyperIP is "slick data transport optimization that works, is very reasonably priced and does what it says."

HyperIP technology compresses block-level data up to a 15:1 ratio, which enables it to increase WAN performance to up to 800 Mbps throughput for a single TCP/IP connection, the highest performance of any optimization appliance on the market, according to the company, and 25% to 100% faster than competing products.

As an appliance, it enables data transport at wire speed and leverages the proprietary HyperIP TCP application acceleration technology to mitigate latency and packet loss, and protect against variable circuit quality conditions.

The current HyperIP 5.5 release extends support for multisite configurations, which allows for large-scale, remote data replication deployments. It has more than 8,000 application TCP connections, thereby enabling concurrent replication, migration and recovery processes. A command line interface (CLI) provides single response commands, and multiple-system images let users install new software image upgrades while the software is running.

HyperIP is easy to implement by simply attaching it to a distance-separated Ethernet network segment, so users can leverage existing Ethernet/IP WAN infrastructure. Traffic is pointed to HyperIP via the network, server, NAS device or storage array routing statements. HyperIP parameters and feature options can be modified through the Web-accessible user interface.

Pricing for HyperIP 5.5 starts at $6,000.

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