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Silver Award:

NetApp FAS2000 Series

While innovation and performance are often factors in our awards, judges also notice attributes like feature sets and value. In 2007, Network Appliance (NetApp) Inc.'s Fabric Attached Storage (FAS) 2000 Series brought enterprise-class functionality to the midsized and distributed enterprise at a competitive price.

The FAS2000 Series provides block (SAN) and file (NAS) data access, allowing apps like Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and others to benefit from the storage. The FAS2020 includes 9 TB in a 2U enclosure, and can be expanded externally to 65 TB. The larger FAS2050 scales to 99 TB. A variety of RAID levels are supported, including RAID 1, RAID 4 and RAID 6 (dual parity). The FAS family typically employs SATA drives, but 15K rpm SAS drives can be substituted to beef-up performance. The FAS2000 Series has both FC and GbE ports to support the FC Protocol for SCSI, fabric-attached and direct-attached, and iSCSI connectivity. Dual controllers are provided in an active-active configuration for highly reliable and available storage hardware.

In addition, the FAS2000 Series provides software-based features that had traditionally been available only to enterprise users. NetApp has come up with a feature-filled package for midsized firms.

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