MonoSphere Storage Horizon

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Storage management

Silver Award:

MonoSphere Storage Horizon

We like MonoSphere Inc.'s Storage Horizon because it addresses a very real pain point for storage administrators: managing capacity. "This is an excellent management tool," said one judge.

The traditional way of avoiding out-of-capacity situations is to overprovision and purchase storage in advance of when it's actually needed. But that method is inefficient and expensive. Storage Horizon can lower costs by allowing users to get more out of their existing storage, while predicting future requirements without falling into the trap of overprovisioning.

For example, for enterprises with a $10 million storage budget, a 30% utilization increase saves $3 million. By accurately predicting demand, companies can make more timely purchases and take advantage of declining hardware costs. A purchase deferral of two quarters translates into a built-in discount of 12% to 18%, say experts.

Storage Horizon scored high marks for its technical prowess and cost-saving features. "Few capacity-planning tools are agentless," said a judge. Furthermore, the ability to create advanced queries, detailed forecasting, dashboard and e-mail notification, heterogeneous device support and management reporting all contribute to making MonoSphere's Storage Horizon a useful tool that will make the job of any storage manager a lot easier and more productive.

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