Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Universal Storage Platform V

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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Universal Storage Platform V

Hitachi Data Systems' Universal Storage Platform (USP) V provides immense internal storage capacity, including 332 TB of FC or 864 TB of SATA drives, and up to 247 PB (yes, petabytes) when you include the amount of external storage that can sit behind the USP. Performance is also notable, running more than 4 million IOPS with 106 GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth. As one judge remarks, "[The USP V] sets new levels and standards of performance scalability and capacity scalability in a monolithic storage system." Workload balancing and tuning maintains performance levels as app and user demands change, while virtualization and thin provisioning increase performance and capacity levels. Universal replication is supported across heterogeneous storage systems, and the entire system can be operated through a single management suite. In short, HDS has established one of the most complete and feature-rich packages available for high-end enterprise storage.

Although judges praised the USP, they were quick to point out the complexity that makes this product difficult to use. "They [HDS] really upped the bar on performance," says one judge, "catching up with other tier 1 vendors and surpassing [them]; but still the ease of use is lacking comparatively for all the functionality."

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