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EMC Infoscape

Infoscape is EMC Corp.'s entry in the data classification competition, but the company is targeting a different segment of the market—large enterprises—with its product.

Infoscape is the first new product to be released as the result of EMC's acquisitions of Documentum Inc., Legato Systems Inc. and Smarts Management Arts Inc. (Smarts). Infoscape uses content/meta data analysis and repository management functions from Documentum, discovery features from Smarts and data movement technology from Legato. All of those moving parts mesh with new capabilities that let users classify data based on importance, move it to a storage tier according to predetermined policies and manage its retention for compliance.

Infoscape is pricey: $125,000 for the first 10TB of data to be classified and $9,000 per terabyte after that. And the product is limited to what it can classify today—only unstructured data, such as Word and PowerPoint files, accessible via CIFS or on EMC's Celerra NAS devices. For Infoscape to gain a wide user base, EMC will need to lower its hefty price. One judge comments: "If the fine [for not finding data] is $100,000, but it costs $200,000 to fix the problem, I'll live with the fine."

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