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EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array with EMC Data Domain Boost

Data storage managers are under intense pressure to reduce the time it takes to back up data, so deduplication is becoming a requisite technology to help ease this pain point. But with users continuing to deal with explosive data growth, data deduplication vendors have to push the scalability and performance of their products to keep up with that growing demand. The EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array (GDA) with EMC Data Domain Boost has delivered on that promise. Our judges were impressed with the product's superior performance.

"It's fast and getting faster," one of our judges noted. The EMC Data Domain Global Duplication Array provides up to 14.2 petabytes of logical backup capacity and up to 12.8 TB/hour throughput to achieve faster backups by removing redundant data before saving to disk. This scalability and performance allows users to reduce their backup windows and improve management with room to meet future requirements.

This year, EMC unveiled EMC Data Domain Boost software that speeds data backup by offloading part of the data dedupe processing to the backup media server. Data Domain Boost distributes parts of the deduplication process to the backup servers to reduce network load and increase throughput to the GDA controllers; previously, the deduplication process was done entirely in the Data Domain appliance. Analysts describe Data Domain Boost as a clever piece of software that helps to make the backup server more efficient. Data Domain Boost works with Symantec Corp.'s NetBackup and Backup Exec, and EMC Corp. NetWorker. The GDA with EMC Data Domain Boost may help settle the debate between post-process vs. inline deduplication supporters by establishing inline deduplication performance that exceeds post-processing systems, according to the judges.

The GDA eases management because its global namespace minimizes the need to reconfigure complex backup policies, while it dynamically load balances policies for performance and capacity management. It supports replication for up to 270 remote sites. It can integrate into existing environments as the primary backup target with the existing backup software immediately directing backups to the GDA. Pricing for the EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array with EMC Data Domain Boost starts at $800,000.

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