EMC Corp./Data Domain DD880 Enterprise Deduplication Storage System

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EMC Corp./Data Domain DD880 Enterprise Deduplication Storage System

A perennial winner in this category, Data Domain remains the most widely deployed data deduplication system on the market, a situation that's unlikely to change now that it's been brought under the wing of the industry's largest storage vendor, EMC Corp.

The nasty battle between EMC and rival NetApp Inc. this year with Data Domain as the prize, as well as the ultimate $2.1 billion acquisition price, are testament to Data Domain's popularity and the increasing importance of data deduplication as a table-stakes feature for storage backup vendors.

In the midst of the acquisition drama, Data Domain brought out its first quad-socket, quad-core processor system, and the increased CPU power upped aggregate throughput up to 5.4 TB per hour and single-stream throughput up to 1.2 TB per hour, with support for up to 71 TB of usable capacity. That's twice the throughput and capacity of its next largest box, the dual-socket, quad-core DD690. With the DD880, a DDX array with the maximum 16 controllers can perform at up to 86 TB per hour with 56 PB of usable capacity.

While plans for the DD880 were well underway before the acquisition took place, it's a sign of things to come from the new EMC subsidiary as it looks to bring dedupe to larger enterprises. The boost in throughput and capacity could alleviate contention issues enterprise users have experienced at times with smaller Data Domain boxes.

More performance and scalability are always needed in the data backup market, but with a starting list price of $400,000, the DD880 may not be affordable for some companies in the current economy, leading one of our judges to summarize the product this way: "Blistering performance remains. Blistering price remains."

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