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Continuity Software RecoverGuard

A recent Storage magazine survey questioned storage managers about their 2008 priorities and, not surprisingly, DR finished near the top of the list. Most storage pros would agree: Putting together a DR plan is pretty tough business, but testing that plan is even tougher. A DR test could cost tens of thousands of dollars -- and large enterprises can expect a testing price tag in the six- or seven-figure range.

In a small but emerging category -- DR testing apps -- Continuity Software's RecoverGuard stands out. It monitors a DR setup to ensure that there aren't any gaps or configuration mismatches between primary and failover sites. Nothing replaces a full-scale DR test, but RecoverGuard is the next best thing, as it cuts down on the number of tests required, making them more predictable, especially in rapidly changing storage infrastructures.

RecoverGuard's agentless Data Collection Engine scans your storage environment to inventory the infrastructure and collect configuration information from a variety of sources, including storage management applications, server operating systems and some database apps. Periodic rescans pick up any changes to the environment.

Based on the configuration data collected, RecoverGuard fires up another engine for gap detection. This process highlights any potential problem areas in your DR plan, such as improperly configured replication, incomplete replicas, incompatibilities between primary and recovery sites, and out-of-sync consistency groups. A hiccup with any of those processes can stop a DR test in its tracks. At approximately $2,000 per protected server, RecoverGuard is a sound investment in DR preparedness.

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