Brocade Communications Systems Tapestry Data Migration Manager

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Brocade Communications Systems Tapestry Data Migration Manager

Moving data from point A to point B, whether to another subsystem or to different storage tiers, is a big part of a storage administrator's job. Data migrations over SANs and WANs require oodles of planning, often take critical systems off-line and need extensive testing. Brocade's Tapestry Data Migration Manager (DMM) is a simple, but powerful, tool for high-performance data migration in heterogeneous storage environments.

Tapestry DMM works with arrays from major vendors and reduces the need for expensive OS-specific server software such as volume managers and replication tools. With migration rates of up to 1 TB per hour, Tapestry DMM shortens migration windows and application downtime. Because Tapestry DMM is SAN-based, it's less disruptive than a server-based product. By reducing the complexity of moving data, and cutting the time and cost to do it, Tapestry DMM is, as one judge put it, "both cutting-edge and useful."

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