BlueArc Titan 3200 Network Storage System

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BlueArc Titan 3200 Network Storage System

The strong point of BlueArc Corp.'s Titan unified NAS and iSCSI system can be summed up in one word: performance. Our judges consistently gave the Titan 3200 high marks for performance, and Titan customers often cite performance as the top reason for buying the BlueArc systems.

Bumping up performance was the main emphasis of the Titan 3200 that rolled out in March. The new system offers up to 200,000 IOPS and 20 GBps throughput. Both those numbers were doubled from the Titan 2000. BlueArc's new hardware also supports file systems of 256 TB, 64 virtual storage servers and eight cluster nodes for a maximum capacity of 4 PB, up from 2 PB with the 2000 series.

But BlueArc did more than bump up performance with the upgrade. It added a new set of open application programming interfaces (APIs) that lets BlueArc partners and other developers write applications for Titan. These applications include information lifecycle management (ILM), data virtualization, and data retention and reduction.

The Titan 3200 supports solid state, Fibre Channel, SATA and WORM-protected storage. Like previous Titan systems, it's best suited for applications requiring high bandwidth and IOPS, such as high-performance computing and Web-based services. Hitachi Data Systems sells the Titan 3200 as its high-performance NAS 3000 platform.

Like previous Titans, the 3200 implements its file system in silicon on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) rather than in software. One of our judges describes the Titan 3200 as the "fastest NAS in the market with its innovative FPGAs. The value is good because of the ability to consolidate multiple NAS systems, and scalability is impressive."

Starting price for the Titan 3200 is $100,000.

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