BlueArc Titan 2200 Storage System

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BlueArc Titan 2200 Storage System

BlueArc Corp.'s Titan 2200 NAS storage system offers ample storage with impressive levels of throughput and connectivity. But it was the modularity of BlueArc's Titan 2000 family that attracted our attention.

The Titan 2200 scales to 512TB of capacity. Simultaneous support for SATA drives up to 400GB, Fibre Channel drives up to 300GB and WORM drives enable tiered storage within the same system. BlueArc also paid a lot of attention to performance, rating the Titan 2200 at up to 10Gb/sec throughput. It can be active-active clustered for high availability. Virtualization is an essential feature, allowing virtual volumes that manage data capacity and size dynamically as allocation needs change. Asynchronous or synchronous replication features are also available. One judge proclaims it "best-in-class performer." Still, it's important to note that key features, including NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, virtual servers, data migration, active-active clustering and clustered name space (among others), are considered optional.

BlueArc's adoption of a modular architecture allows the Titan to be configured with Network Interface Modules, File System Modules and Storage Interface Modules. Each module can be replaced or upgraded easily, helping to avoid the expense and disruption normally associated with forklift upgrades.

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