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Asigra Televaulting

Asigra Televaulting

Dollars and sense are the key virtues Toronto-based Asigra Inc.'s Televaulting brings to remote backup software. Televaulting breaks ground with volume-based pricing and sheer practicality, and it scores big with its agentless architecture.

Televaulting's DS-System, a dedicated server located at the central site, collects backup data from each remote site's DS-Client server. The DS-Client is a commodity box running Windows or Linux attached to the local network; it discovers all connected servers and desktop PCs, and can back up any or all of them.

The DS-Client examines the collected data to weed out duplicate files and find changes to existing data. The backup sets are then compressed to bandwidth-friendly dimensions, encrypted and shipped over the WAN to the central DS-System. Data collected by the DS-System can then be backed up using normal data center procedures and software.

Asigra's agentless architecture means installation and upgrades involve only one machine at each site. And because users pay according to data volume, the number of devices that can be backed up is unlimited. "Agentless backup is incredibly innovative," noted one judge, adding that the product's "pricing is market disruptive."

Administration is centralized, so little—if any—training is required at remote sites. The built-in billing and chargeback system can be used to distribute backup costs. But with prices starting at a modest $11,250, departments aren't likely to object to paying their fair share.

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