Abrevity FileData Classifier 2.7

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Storage management software

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Abrevity FileData Classifier 2.7

Data classification has been called the brains of information lifecycle management. Without it, any kind of tiered storage strategy isn't very practical. Abrevity Inc., a little-known company in Cupertino, CA, is making considerable strides in this market. Its FileData Classifier software installs on any Windows PC, notebook or server (2000, 2003 or XP), and scans any CIFS or NFS storage system, extracting granular meta data that's used to tag files. It uses a simple drag-and-drop feature, much like an Apple iTunes menu, to drag one or more files to the classification you want, such as Tier-One: Secure. Abrevity's applications truly stand out, according to our judges, when it comes to searching for those files. Abrevity wrote its own database, dubbed SLICEbase, instead of using an existing relational database, to provide significantly faster indexing and search performance. "Classification is built around an incredibly fast, innovative database … the performance is outstanding," says one judge.

Version 2.7 of the product, released in the fall, adds some important new features. Multitier file tracking creates file stubs (or shortcuts that point to master files) for files migrated multiple times across storage tiers and automatically updates links to new file locations. Directory structures and access-control lists are maintained as files move to allow complete, fast file restores. An optional deduplication feature discovers duplicate files, globally or within search queries, and allows manual or automated master file selection with file stubbing.

One judge comments, "It's not whether you can solve a problem with a solution. It's whether you can solve it with a solution that's simple, elegant and affordable." FileData Classifier stands out in this category and is a clear winner for this reason.

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