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  • Fujitsu takes the Quality Award for enterprise storage arrays

    In our ninth annual Quality Awards survey for enterprise arrays, Fujitsu didn't just make the cut; it took the cake by earning top honors. 

  • The future of data storage: Storage vendors' predictions

    It seems as if every vendor has a mystic on staff who can predict the future of the storage industry. Here's what they think we can look forward to. 

  • Cloud storage tools manage data stored in the ether

    As much as we might want to assume an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude about the data we ship to cloud storage services, the truth is that it needs nearly as much attention as data stored onsite. Some services offer basic tools to manage cloud... 

  • Do cloud storage pricing cuts attract customers?

    Amazon, Google and Microsoft frequently lower their prices, but there's no evidence that cloud storage pricing cuts attract new customers. 

  • Netgear ReadyData 516

    ReadyData mixes SSDs and SATA drives within a volume for better performance, and offers unlimited snapshots of block and file data for CDP. 

  • Riverbed Technology Inc. Whitewater 3.0

    Whitewater 3.0 can replicate its cache with another Whitewater appliance, which acts as a standby to recover data if the primary site is disabled. 

  • PernixData FVP Version 1.0

    The FVP server-side flash hypervisor accelerates read and write operations, and replicates writes across clustered hosts to ensure fault tolerance. 

  • Actifio Inc. Actifio 6.0

    The latest version of Actifio allows administrators to provision test instances and delivers updated, independent virtual copies of data. 

  • Veeam Software Veeam Backup & Replication v7

    Version 7 of Veeam's Backup & Replication software platform includes built-in WAN acceleration and tape support for long-term data retention. 

  • Exablox OneBlox 3308

    OneBlox has a global namespace for data access from multiple servers, as its object-based file system presents itself as a NAS box to applications.