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  • Improve data storage efficiency with archiving technology

    Data archiving technology moves inactive data from primary storage to more suitable media. It may be used for compliance, governance or storage efficiency. By moving data to less-expensive media, an archiving strategy can help avoid new capacity purc... 

  • How to improve your virtual server storage setups

    One of the biggest challenges of building a virtual server infrastructure is fine-tuning the storage that supports the virtual machines. Having multiple server OSes running on a single physical server can easily overload a storage network and supp... 

  • Should you believe vendors’ jaw-dropping solid-state performance specs?

    The benefits of solid-state storage are clear -- cool running, space-saving and blistering performance. But just how “blistering” is that performance? Data storage vendors toss previously unheard of numbers around, like millions of IOPS, to show the ... 

  • Salaries up for storage pros

    Storage professionals may be harried and overworked, but apparently they're not underappreciated as our exclusive Storage Salary survey reveals. In the eleventh edition of this survey, executive editor Ellen O'Brien finds that, on average, storage pr... 

  • Salary survey reveals storage skills are in demand

    Our annual Storage Salary survey for 2006 shows that storage professionals are making more than ever -- and storage has become one of the hottest, in-demand IT skills. Ken Bartels says job security and year-end bonuses help keep turnover low in his P... 

  • Survey says storage salaries are climbing

    An improving economy helped fatten paychecks a bit in 2005, says storage engineer Chad Smykay, whose group reaped the benefits with raises and bonuses. In addition, get information on how new file systems spearhead storage innovation, and how encrypt... 

  • How does your storage salary stack up?

    The economy may still be dragging its feet, but Hap Cluff's storage staff cashed in on sane working hours and modest raises. Also, find the right snapshots for your applications, and learn how to put big iron backup to work for open systems. 

About Storage market research reports

Storage market research helps any tech professional in making educated decisions about which storage technologies to select. Find the latest news and reports in this topic section.