Storage Strategy

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  • green storage

    Green storage is the practice of using a variety of "clean energy" storage methods and products to cut down on a data center's carbon footprint, as well as cost.

  • Non-disruptive upgrade (NDU)

    A non-disruptive upgrade (NDU) is an update to software or hardware done without interruption to system service or data access.

  • Software-defined storage market: Fact or fiction

    This Essential Guide examines how innovative software-defined storage is and why the market for the technology continues to grow.

  • Red Hat Storage Server 3 update brings capacity, analytics features

    Red Hat's new Storage Server 3 software update adds support for snapshots and hot-button capabilities such as petabyte-scale capacity, SSDs and Hadoop.

  • Legacy vendors seek better footing in shifting storage landscape

    Flash, virtualization, cloud storage and commodity hardware have the potential to make IT shops more efficient and large storage vendors very nervous.

  • The economics of enterprise data protection

    Sticking with the status quo can be expensive when it comes to data protection. Learn how an upgrade can save money.

  • Expect a lot of hype about storage in the hypervisor market

    VSAN is here and Marvin is lurking in the wings. All of this makes the relationship between hypervisors and storage murkier.

  • Backing up virtual machines is easier than ever

    One of the toughest things about supporting virtual servers was ensuring their data was protected. When traditional backup tools struggled with the task, new apps built specifically for virtual environments emerged. These apps make backing up virtual machines (VMs) easy, but they may not fit in with current operations. We examine top VM backup apps, and look at how legacy backup apps have evolved to meet the challenges.

    Desktop virtualization can reduce many of the costly burdens of supporting users' desktops, but it places new demands on storage. Good planning -- and the right storage -- can lessen the pain of configuring and managing virtual desktop infrastructures.

    Array-based replication is an efficient technology, but it's the most expensive way to copy data. Software-based replication requires some server horsepower, but it eliminates the need to duplicate configurations at recovery sites.

  • File storage capacity key to new NAS purchase

    Thinking of making a new NAS purchase? Learn the requirements of your storage peers and the criteria they use to evaluate a storage vendor.

  • Bank analytics firm deposits storage on X-IO ISE arrays

    The need for reliable throughput prompted Argus to integrate 81 ISE HDD arrays to support Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and a SQL Server database with 2 PB of storage.

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