Secure data storage

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  • The pros and cons of portable storage

    Find out what you should be looking for when it comes to portable storage devices. As they become smaller and more powerful, security risks and backup issues can become a real problem. 

  • Dealing with backup server instability

    Rick Cook outlines common causes of backup failure and suggests tips for avoiding backup server instability. 

  • The problem with unstructured information

    Information security expert Kevin Beaver highlights the problem of managing unstructured information and what you can do to keep your organization on the right track to storage security and out of hot water. 

  • Cost-effective legacy data protection

    For business, legal, regulatory and compliance reasons it is often important to protect data that is a decade old or more. Learn what you can do to cut data protection costs on older data. 

  • Kerberos and its place in NAS authentication

    Kerberos security has been around since the 1980s, but many people are still unfamiliar with how it works. Storage expert Christopher Poelker explains how NAS environments can benefit from the use of Kerberos. 

  • Protect your data from hidden threats

    Many organizations have a good handle on external risk, but this tip discusses how companies can protect themselves against the internal risks that are often forgotten. 

  • Guidelines for better iSCSI security

    Learn about the following iSCSI SAN security guidelines: How to secure the management interface, how to authenticate and how to disable unnecessary network services. 

  • Hack your storage to test your security

    This tip outlines various security tests you can perform, along with tools you can use, to ethically hack your storage systems and uncover vulnerabilities you might not have discovered otherwise. 

  • Tools for securing mobile drives

    Information security expert Kevin Beaver outlines various security tools available for keeping your mobile devices secure when they're lost or stolen, as well as when a user loses data that has to be restored. 

  • Effective storage security policies

    We always hear about the importance of security policies, but just how they relate to storage security can be a bit unclear. In this tip, information security expert Kevin Beaver outlines essential policy creation processes along with specific polici...