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  • Pop Quiz: An IT Thanksgiving

    All of us here at are thankful to you, our readers, for contributing to our site's success and helping us to be the best storage information site around. Please join us for our traditional Thanksgiving quiz-feast of tasty IT terms. 

  • Advanced Backup School: Lesson 3

    Our Advanced Backup School features six concise, informative, vendor-neutral webcasts that aim to give the advanced, higher level architect the tools needed to build out the most efficient backup system. 

  • Tech Roundup: Tape libraries

    Some vendors say tape is dead (mostly in an effort to sell more disk products), but very few companies can back up data effectively without a tape library. In this product roundup, we discuss how tape libraries are used, how they're evolving, and wha... 

  • Backup school: Lesson seven

    Why replication? Is replication worth it? Should you choose synchronous or asynchronous replication? Lesson seven of's "Backup School" explores the ins and outs of replication. Professor Dorian Cougias examines the pros and cons of ... 

  • Backup school: Lesson five

    Losing an operating system or an application is always a nightmare. Lesson five of "Backup school" gives you the tools you need to prevent and recover from either of these losses. 

  • Backup school: Quiz two, answer two

    Here is the answer to Backup school quiz two, question two. 

  • Backup school: Quiz one

    Now that you've listened to Backup school webcasts 1-4, take a quiz and test your expertise on backup. Good luck! 

  • Backup school: Lesson one

    Are you new to storage and backup? Lesson one of's "Backup School" explains the fundamentals of backup, the components of a backup and what kinds of backups are out there. Professor Dorian Cougias also explains full backups, increme... 

  • Backup school: Lesson two

    LTO, DLT, AIT, ATA, SATA. There is an alphabet soup of backup media available today. In lesson two of's "Backup school" we clear up the jumble of terms and examine which type of media is best for your backup needs. This lesson also ... 

  • Storage Smarts Answer #40

    Storage Smarts Answer #40