Secure data storage

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  • Data protection quiz

    There isn't one right way to protect your data -- it depends on what you're trying to protect. Take our quiz on data protection and see how much you know about data protection. 

  • Privacy breaches: How to avoid making headlines

    Do you know where your backup tapes are? In light of all the recent, high-profile security breaches experts offer advice on backup security. 

  • Iron Mountain loses 40 Time Warner tapes

    Another day, another batch of lost backup tapes. This time, Iron Mountain has lost 40 tapes belonging to Time Warner. 

  • Banks mull data security in wake of missing tapes

    The missing tapes saga reported by Bank of America over the weekend has provoked other banks to consider the physical security of their data. 

  • Storage security still not a priority with users

    A recent survey showed that users are both concerned about storage security and reluctant to buy products. But will this attitude soon be changing? 

  • Security flaw could put EMC Centera users at risk

    EMC Centera relies on MD5 hash integrity for its single-instancing storage feature -- potentially compromising its ability to provide SEC compliance. UPDATED: 3.25pm EST 

  • Get ready for LTO-3

    Get ready for the next greatest thing in tape technology -- LTO-3. Bob Abraham, tape industry analyst and founder of Freeman Reports Inc., says the next iteration of L... 

  • Backup School: Final Exam

    Backup School lessons 1 through 9 have taught you the basics of backup, how to prevent hardware failure and recover from application loss, as well as the importance of compliance. Now it's time to prove your expertise. Take the Backup School final ex... 

  • Time to try storage smart cards?

    It's a safe bet that your storage network uses at least one of several types of smart cards that offer security and mobility to the enterprise. Storage security expert Vijay Ahuja explains the ins and outs of the various types of storage smart card t... 

  • Backup school: Quiz two, answer one

    Here is the answer to Backup school quiz two, question one.