Secure data storage

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  • Asigra Inc. Cloud Backup v11

    Asigra Cloud Backup v11 can be deployed as on-premises private cloud backup, a hybrid cloud backup solution for local/offsite backup, or as a pure public cloud backup app. 

  • Symantec Corp. NetBackup 5220 appliance

    The Symantec NetBackup 5220 is a scalable disk backup appliance. It can be partitioned as deduplicating or non-deduplicating storage partitions, or a combination of the two. 

  • Druva Inc. inSync 4.1 Enterprise

    Druva inSync 4.1 Enterprise offers secure access to backup data with multiple restore points from Druva’s client application, a Web browser or a mobile device. 

  • Quantum Corp. vmPRO 4000 appliance

    The vmPRO 4000 family offers backup software and storage in one appliance that’s based on Quantum’s DXi dedupe and replication devices. 

  • Backup and DR software and services


  • Better data protection strategies with CDP and deduplication

    Continuous data protection (CDP) and data deduplication are chief among the technologies that data storage managers are investigating when it comes to improved data backup and storage efficiency. In this expert e-book, learn how CDP and deduplication... 

  • Tape backup encryption best practices

    Tape backup encryption is being used for many organizations, but figuring out how to implement it can be challenging. Learn about tape encryption best practices in this article. 

  • Concerns with cloud backup solutions: Security and performance top list

    Cloud backup services promise inexpensive capacity, lower capital expenses, and simplified data management. Learn the top concerns about implementing cloud backup storage through a case study of one administrator's move to a cloud-based backup servic... 

  • Implementing data deduplication technology in a virtualized environment

    More environments are showing an interest in implementing data deduplication in their virtualized environments. Find out what's driving this interest and what to watch out for. 

  • data at rest

    Data at rest is a term that is sometimes used to refer to all data in computer storage while excluding data that is traversing a network or temporarily residing in computer memory to be read or updated.