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  • hot spare

    A hot spare, also called a hot standby, is a backup component that can be placed into service immediately when a primary component fails.  

  • Linear tape file systems play different role in health care, media

    Linear tape file systems have the potential to reduce costs and improve efficiency in health care and media IT operations. 

  • Sepaton adds data-at-rest encryption for enterprise disk backup

    Sepaton upgrades its flagship VTL, the S2100-ES3 2925, giving it data-at-rest encryption capability and support for open key management standard. 

  • Cloud backup, BYOD challenges can threaten IT control over data

    IT executives at a data management symposium discuss gaining control over BYOD challenges and rogue cloud backup initiatives in their companies. 

  • Consumerization of IT poses corporate challenge

    IT needs to set strict policies on what employees should and shouldn't do when it comes to choosing their technology. 

  • Linear Tape File System needs a boost

    The Linear Tape File System spec is more than two years old, but still only used in a handful of products. Maybe SNIA's new working group will inspire LTFS product development. 

  • write through

    Write through is a storage method in which data is written into the cache and the corresponding main memory location at the same time. The cached data allows for fast retrieval on demand, while the same data in main memory ensures that nothing will g... 

  • Week in review: Nirvanix completes new round of funding

    In our week in review podcast, Senior News Director Dave Raffo talks about the week’s top storage news with Assistant Editor John Hilliard. 

  • Best practices for cloud backup integration

    In the cover story of the April 2012 issue of Storage magazine, Lauren Whitehouse outlines best practices for cloud backup integration and the various methods for doing so. Also included in this issue are articles regarding virtual server management,... 

  • Asigra Inc. Cloud Backup v11

    Asigra Cloud Backup v11 can be deployed as on-premises private cloud backup, a hybrid cloud backup solution for local/offsite backup, or as a pure public cloud backup app.