Secure data storage

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  • Storage switch startup burns out, turns to security

    The company formerly known as Maxxan has been rechristened CipherMax and is now marketing a storage switch/encryption appliance with one point of management. 

  • Status of NetBackup 6.0

    Business continuity expert Pierre Dorion discusses the status of Netbackup 6.0. 

  • EMC plans array-based encryption via PowerPath

    EMC's next security move will be array-based encryption through PowerPath by 2008, according to internal documents obtained by SearchStorage. 

  • Storage security and the firewall DMZ problem

    Firewalls are often relied upon too much for network security -- especially when it comes to locking down the storage environment. Learn how this firewall demilitarized zone (DMZ) security misconception unnecessarily exposes many critical storage sys... 

  • Degaussing backup media

    Backup/recovery expert W. Curtis Preston discusses how to degauss backup media. 

  • The pros and cons of portable storage

    Find out what you should be looking for when it comes to portable storage devices. As they become smaller and more powerful, security risks and backup issues can become a real problem. 

  • Dealing with backup server instability

    Rick Cook outlines common causes of backup failure and suggests tips for avoiding backup server instability. 

  • hard drive shredder

    A hard drive shredder is a mechanical device that physically destroys old hard drives in such a way that the data they contain cannot be recovered. 

  • Aren't backups and archives essentially the same thing?

    The answer to that can be a "yes" and "no." If we look at a very high level, a copy of data is a copy of data, and that's where a lot of people confuse both as being somewhat the same -- one copy is just kept longer. When we start digging into what a... 

  • What is the most important aspect of data protection when it comes to DR?

    You could answer that with one word really, and I would have to say "testing." Just "testing." Whatever you do when you're protecting data, whether it's a backup, whether it's replication, whatever it is, make sure that you test what you put in place...