Secure data storage

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  • Tape encryption product specifications

    The product snapshots in this chapter highlight key specifications for a cross section of tape drives that incorporate encryption. 

  • Tape encryption tool purchase considerations

    Storage administrators who use tape-based encryption won't slow up their backups and will have peace of mind knowing that the tape content is secure. But LTO-4 tape drives have specific encryption issues. 

  • How to purchase a data encryption product

    Data security is now a critical problem for every company, regardless of size. This buying guide explores the factors involved in purchasing data encryption hardware and software products. 

  • Startup accepts mission to destroy flash drive data

    Data destruction startup EDT is building a product to instantly destroy data on remote devices, a market that experts say is prepped for takeoff. 

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Data Protection and Backup Track (NYC 2007)

    Making the backup process seamless and reliable is critical. This track covers the staple backup technologies such as disk and tape, but also has an eye on the litany of new technologies set to drastically alter the data protection landscape. Speaker... 

  • Should I back up the operating system files?

    Here is another prime example of technology evolving to meet business requirements. I have always been a firm believer that, except for small IT environments, operating systems files should not be part of regular backups... 

  • Ten reasons storage security is critical

    Storage expert Kevin Beaver outlines 10 reasons you need to step up your storage security game. 

  • How to reduce risk with storage security policies

    This tip outlines the importance of storage security policies and offers advice on how to make sure your storage security policies reflect real-world storage needs. 

  • Laptop encryption the hard(ware) way

    This tip explains the pros and cons of hardware-based laptop disk encryption and offers an overview of products on the market today. 

  • How to secure laptops in seven steps

    This tip outlines seven essential steps for protecting your company's laptops and offers practical advice on what you can do to get beyond the basics and develop a new mindset about laptop security.