SAN switch

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  • Purchasing and upgrading enterprise switches

    Switches help to organize the network and reduce unneeded traffic. Switches are particularly crucial in a storage area network (SAN) and are used to interconnect storage devices into the overall SAN fabric. SAN upgrades often involve changes to the s... 

  • Download SAN Guide Chapter 3: Switches (PDF)

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our SAN All-In-One Guide. Download Chapter 3: Switches in .pdf format now. 

  • What is the difference between virtualization switches and virtual SANs?

    The word "virtualization" is thrown around so much that it's hard to always know what it means... 

  • How are switches changing the way SANs are designed and managed?

    There is more granularity in the device options today, allowing for more versatile device configuration... 

  • Storage switch growth spurred by new features

    A switch separates a network into segments. This helps to manage network traffic by passing traffic at wire speeds to only the segment(s) that host destination nodes. But, network needs vary dramatically, and switches have proliferated in size and fe... 

  • Switch-level storage virtualization

    Virtualization allows administrators to gather, organize, allocate and manage storage hardware without regard for the applications or servers that use it. When properly implemented, storage virtualization eliminates forgotten or partially -used disks... 

  • Tech Report: Director switches

    There are many advantages to using a director switch (a.k.a. Fibre Channel director), including number of ports and high availability. But this is only part of the big picture. Get deep into the nitty-gritty of director switches from storage industr... 

  • Storage area network quiz

    It's all about the storage area network (SAN) -- man. The more you know, the easier it is. Take our SAN quiz and find out where you stand as a SAN guru. 

  • Fast Guide: Advanced SAN

    Now that you're beyond the basics of SAN and into more complex configuration solutions, troubleshooting performance issues, strategies and management tasks, take a look at our Fast Guide to Advanced SAN. We're sure you'll find the answers and help yo... 

  • Learning Guide: SAN

    It doesn't matter if you're a SAN beginner or a veteran. Our SAN Learning Guide has all the latest information. Find out if a SAN is right for you, how to configure one, the best way to manage it and how a SAN figures into your backup plans.