SAN switch

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  • Directors take on more tasks

    The competition among director-class products has never been more intense. If you're considering directors for the first time, or re-examining your fabric strategy, here's what you need to know. 

  • Tech Report: Director switches

    There are many advantages to using a director switch (a.k.a. Fibre Channel director), including number of ports and high availability. But this is only part of the big picture. Get deep into the nitty-gritty of director switches from storage industr... 

  • Storage 101: Using a director switch

    This tip outlines the features of a director switch and details the reasons a director could be advantageous to your particular SAN system. 

  • Storage Clips: Former Brocade CEO spills the beans

    Greg Reyes, former CEO of Brocade, told BusinessWeek he was selling the company to Cisco in Nov. '04, before being ousted by the board for options accounting irregularities. 

  • How to minimize I/O latency

    Storage expert Greg Schulz details how to minimize the latency between a server and a storage device. 

  • Troubleshooting clustered server issues

    Storage expert Marc Staimer offers advice on troubleshooting a clustered storage environment with connectivity problems. 

  • Do I need a switch?

    Storage expert Greg Schulz explains when a switch is necessary, and how to troubleshoot a network to find out if a switch is appropriate. 

  • Users remain wary of intelligent switches

    Users at SNW said they're hesitant to adopt switch-based virtualization, and experts say it may be years before the predicted move of storage services to the fabric comes about. 

  • Brocade's future increasingly shaky, say users

    Of the three major SAN switch providers -- Cisco, Brocade and McData -- users at Storage Decisions fear the most for the future of Brocade. 

  • SAN routing

    SAN (storage area network) routing is a technology used for interconnecting SAN islands (separately designated logical portions of a storage area network) within a larger network.