SAN management

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  • LUN basics

    Greg Schulz outlines what a LUN is and how it is used. 

  • LUN management

    Expanding and partitioning LUNs is explained. 

  • Implementing LUNs

    Greg Schulz explains how to create and implement LUNs. 

  • Top 5 SAN tips of 2007

    Here are the top 5 SAN tips of 2007, based on our readers' interest. This list covers topics such as RAID, SAN performance and SAN management. 

  • Using global spare drives to increase SAN reliability

    Here's a checklist for storage administrators using global spare drives to create a more reliable SAN. 

  • How to create a SAN performance baseline

    To understand SAN performance and what is normal SAN behavior, you must have a performance baseline. 

  • Tutorial: Creating a tiered SAN architecture

    This tip offers the pros and cons of a tiered SAN architecture, as well as a number of points to consider before creating a tiered SAN. 

  • How to reduce response time in a SAN

    When it comes to storage area network (SAN) metrics and measurements, such as bandwith, input/output per second (IOPS) and utilization, more is usually better. However, when it comes to response time and latency (the amount of time it takes to comple... 

  • Tutorial on solid-state disk (SSD) devices

    Solid-state disk (SSD) devices use much less power and produce less heat than hard disks. But until their prices come down, they'll at best be niche devices. 

  • How to increase your storage energy efficiency

    You can improve your storage energy efficiency by spinning down and powering off disk drives not in use, placing disk drives into a slower mode and using RAID levels and tiered storage.