SAN management

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  • SAN storage consolidation checklist

    Learn about the critical questions you need to ask and answer before considering a storage-area network (SAN) storage consolidation project. 

  • Wide stripe before you dive into SSD

    Storage managers should consider physical disk technologies before plunging into SSD for storage IO performance. One of the processes existing vendors provide is called wide striping. It's most often available inside storage subsystems from 3PAR, Com... 

  • Top five SAN tips of 2008

    Here are the top five SAN tips of 2008, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as SAN purchasing, protocols and LUNs. 

  • How to evaluate and purchase a SAN

    The Royal Horticultural Society's network manager Martin Taylor guides users through the process of evaluating and purchasing a SAN. 

  • Benefits and drawbacks of incremental and differential backup

    The differences between incremental and differential backups continue to generate many debates and cause confusion. Read this tip to learn how incremental and differential backups differ, and the benefits, drawbacks and uses of each. 

  • Determining the number of drives in a RAID group

    How many drives in a RAID group will it take to give you the performance you need for a database or email or file server, or for that new VMware implementation? 

  • Determining the right SAN protocol

    Which transports and protocols should you use in your SAN? Here are suggestions on when to use iSCSI, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand. 

  • How to size a SAN

    If your DAS storage infrastructure has reached its limits, or your existing SAN is out of date or just plain end-of-life, your first step will be to know what your storage requirements are. 

  • LUN basics

    Greg Schulz outlines what a LUN is and how it is used. 

  • How to replace a failed drive in an array

    Rick Cook explains how to avoid replacing the wrong drive in an array.