SAN management

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  • What causes slow startup in Windows 2000

    Failure to keep your service packs up-to-date is one reason Win2000 can be slow to startup. Find out in this tip how the problem has been corrected. 

  • Make sense of SAN management software

    To help you select the right software to manage your SAN, Rick Cook lists important questions you need to ask to help make the best purchase. 

  • Using NAS for database storage

    This tip takes a look at online yellow page company YP.Net, and shows how their CTO optimized the company's database for high performance, and why he chose NAS storage over SAN. 

  • The critical link in mirroring

    It's important it is keep the lines of communication open. The same is true for data mirroring. This tip explains why it's crucial to analyze the quality of your lines. 

  • Troubleshooting your SAN (more or less) painlessly

    This tip offers a number of suggestions on how to solve the most common SAN problems: Connectivity and performance. 

  • Looking ahead at 2004

    Jamie Gruener gives suggestions on how to better manage your storage environment in the year ahead, and offers preditctions and New Years's resolutions designed to help you do so. 

  • New FC-AL technology ushers in "SBOD"

    New technology puts what amounts to an FC-AL switch and allows the controller to establish point-to-point connections between a storage device and the controller. 

  • Resource guide to snapshots (or point-in-time copies)

    Learn what the experts are saying about where and when to use snapshot technology as part of your backup and disaster recovery architecture. 

  • The SNIA shared storage model

    You need to know about this new standard in the market. 

  • How to secure NFS access to NAS devices

    Bits & Bytes: Security expert Vijay Ahuja discusses several approaches to prevent unwarranted user access to NAS devices, when made via the Network File System (NFS).