SAN management

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  • How to troubleshoot SANs using WWN zoning

    Identifying devices by their World Wide Name (WWN) when setting up zones on a SAN makes configuration easier, but it also provides some maintenance and troubleshooting advantages. 

  • How to help your SAN keep its cool

    To find out how hot your SAN actually is, you have to do more than measure the temperature in the server room. 

  • Advanced RAID functions

    Part one introduced you to hot swapping, online capacity expansion and online RAID level migration. Part two exposes you to N-way mirroring, splitting and hiding and more. 

  • Enterprise-class RAID functions: What they are and when to use them

    This column explains these less familiar enterprise-class RAID features, starting with a set of features that ensure system uptime and flexibility. 

  • How to store e-mail on the cheap

    Cost-effective e-mail storage should still provide service levels just above what's needed. New technologies offer more ways to fine-tune your storage environment and save money. 

  • How to document a SAN

    Effective SAN documentation will keep your systems up and running even if your entire staff gets hit by a bus. 

  • How to roll your own NAS cluster

    Having trouble finding a good out-of-the-box network-attached storage (NAS) clustering solution? Roll your own. 

  • Can a database get too big for its SAN?

    Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting says there's no way a database can saturate a SAN -- but if you're worried about performance, there are a few tricks you can try. 

  • Which comes first: The SAN or the backup?

    A reader recently asked our experts whether his organization should concentrate its efforts on implementing a SAN, or on improving its existing backup. 

  • How to calculate costs of data protection

    To determine how much data protection really costs, you have to take into account productivity and business losses.