SAN management

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  • Storage users see power crunch coming

    Electricity costs are driving EMC and HDS users to nudge their suppliers for heat meters and other diagnostics tools to measure the power consumption of storage arrays. 

  • Got insanity? Meet cross-domain correlation engines

    Finding the root of a device failure can lead to many headaches in an enterprise IT infrastructure. Storage analyst Arun Taneja says that cross-domain correlation engines could lead you to that light at the end of your nightmare tunnel. 

  • Storage systems and virtualization - your fate is to disaggregate

    Storage analyst Tony Asaro says that today most storage systems are discrete, individual systems that are islands. Disaggregating the storage controller from the disk enclosures creates storage pools with greater flexibility, scalability and a leap i... 

  • Storage Clips: Brocade joins EMC Select

    Brocade's 4 Gbps SAN switches for small businesses will be sold through EMC's Select partner program. 

  • Programmable storage adapters: Why they actually make sense

    Programmable storage adapters (aka intelligent storage adapters or ISAs) are a new and upcoming trend in the storage world. Storage expert and Chief Dragon Slayer Marc Staimer explains why they could be of value to your storage system. 

  • Orange County tires of waiting for Xiotech upgrades

    Orange County's waste management department got fed up waiting for Xiotech to update its product and jumped over to Compellent's Storage Center SAN. 

  • Storage Clips: Emulex announces iSCSI, FCIP routers

    Emulex has announced new products that can be used in both IP and FC SANs. 

  • Users evaluate SAN reporting tool

    Onaro SANScreen users, including JetBlue Airways, like the new performance monitoring, but replication support is not as pressing as better integration with SRM tools. 

  • MIT Medical picks Compellent SAN over Clariion

    MIT Medical chooses Compellent's Storage Center SAN over an EMC Clariion AX 100 from Dell, despite historically being a Dell shop. 

  • SAN zoning resource guide

    Learn about SAN zoning, the various methods and how to troubleshoot in this fast guide loaded with relevant storage articles.