SAN management

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  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Managing Storage Networks Track (Chicago 2009)

    The core of any networked storage infrastructure is the basic hardware components: storage arrays and the fabric that links them to client servers and other services. Over the past few years, the trend has been to networks built around director-cl... 

  • Storage Decisions Chicago 2009 Session Downloads

    Download all the sessions that were presented to storage professionals at the recent Storage Decisions 2009 conference in Chicago on topics including backup, SANs, storage virtualization, storage management and disaster recovery. 

  • Storage-area networks to become increasingly object based

    Storage-area networks will become increasingly object based, with a greater use of metadata. Potential SAN trends include disk drives, management, storage arrays and switches. 

  • Data storage management in virtual server environments

    What are the pros and cons of Fibre Channel and iSCSI in virtual server environments? How does 10 GbE influence SAN management? Find out how users are evaluating iSCSI, the impact of server virtualization and listen to our podcast to determine your I... 

  • 10 Gb Ethernet bodes well for iSCSI

    With Dynamic TCP Offload added to 10 GbE adapters running iSCSI, users will see the benefits of removing TCP processing from the host computer and placing it on a dedicated HBA. 

  • The value of easy-to-use SAN storage

    Storage-area network (SAN) storage is in a period of major change—it's getting much easier. In tight economic times, it makes sense for storage pros to consider these easy-to-use options despite some of their drawbacks. 

  • SAN storage consolidation checklist

    Learn about the critical questions you need to ask and answer before considering a storage-area network (SAN) storage consolidation project. 

  • Wide stripe before you dive into SSD

    Storage managers should consider physical disk technologies before plunging into SSD for storage IO performance. One of the processes existing vendors provide is called wide striping. It's most often available inside storage subsystems from 3PAR, Com... 

  • Analyst's report questions value of SANs

    With SANs producing low utilization rates, application islands and complex storage management at a high price, a Forrester Research report asks if SANs are necessary. 

  • Top five SAN tips of 2008

    Here are the top five SAN tips of 2008, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as SAN purchasing, protocols and LUNs.