SAN management

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  • SAN School: Lesson 7

    If you are ready to implement your SAN, this lesson is for you. The lesson covers how to choose which applications/servers belong in your SAN, installing HBAs, loading firmware, starting drivers, setting the topology, testing for connectivity and zon... 

  • SAN School: Lesson 13

    Lesson 13 of SAN School takes a look at your storage outsourcing options. This chapter is devoted to SLAs, creating RFPs and how to work with vendors and consultants. 

  • SAN School: Lesson 4

    Join Christopher Poelker, co-author of Storage Area Networks for Dummies, for a webcast on what makes a SAN stop. This webcast explores the things that cause problems in SAN operations. 

  • SAN School: Lesson 12

    Join Alex Nikitin, co-author, Storage Area Networks for Dummies for a webcast on the management considerations you need to be aware of when running your SANs. Who is in charge of the SAN, how to properly document your cables, managing tools and fabri... 

  • SAN School: Lesson 5

    This webcast explores the most important things you need to consider when building a SAN from the ground up. 

  • SAN School: Lesson 9

    There are many reasons to implement a SAN. Data availability anywhere at anytime, cost-saving consolidation and easier management. But, the killer app for implementing a SAN has been and will continue to be backup. In lesson 9 of's ... 

  • SAN School: Lesson 3

    Join Christopher Poelker, co-author, Storage Area Networks for Dummies for a webcast on what makes a SAN go. This webcast explores Fibre Channel protocols, world wide names and how SAN fabric addressing works. 

  • SAN School: Lesson 11

    Join Alex Nikitin, co-author, Storage Area Networks for Dummies for a webcast on what point-in-time copy is, how to figure space requirements, what you need to know about creating snapshots and what software-based copy solutions are available. 

  • SAN School: Lesson 1

    Do you need a SAN? Lesson #1 explores what a SAN is, the basic benefits of a SAN and which applications are best suited for a SAN. 

  • SAN School: Lesson 8

    To create a full scale network you will probably have to tie your SANs together. Lesson 8 of's "SAN School" looks at how to extend the SAN, connectivity between SANs and SAN islands, IP storage, virtualization (in-band, out-of-band)...