SAN management

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  • HBAs: Are dual HBAs worth the investment?

    Storage networking expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader debating whether to invest in dual HBAs for their SAN. 

  • Performance monitoring on boot from SAN

    Networking expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader concerned with I/O rates when booting from a SAN 

  • SAN fine tuning: Get the most from your storage

    The way key SAN components, principally HBAs and switches, are configured will determine overall SAN performance. If you know what to look for and how to make adjustments, performance problems can be greatly reduced. 

  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns, page 2

    Today, the growing prominence of slower, high-capacity SATA drives are raising serious concerns about storage reliability, and dual-parity techniques like RAID-6 are emerging to combat the specter of multiple simultaneous drive failures. Larger drive... 

  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns

    RAID's evolution of storage servers and arrays is quietly influenced by the continuing advancement of hard disks and disk controlling hardware. Storage administrators must understand the changes that are taking place, and position their organizations... 

  • How to improve your storage vendor's tech support

    A survey of Fortune 1000 companies by TheInfoPro found widespread user dissatisfaction with technical support from storage vendors. Here's how to improve that support. 

  • SAN/NAS tech tips: What's hot this summer?

    Network attached storage products, iSCSI, SATA and RAID are hot topics among our readers right now. Check out the top tips of the past few months. 

  • Storage Clips: Brocade joins EMC Select

    Brocade's 4 Gbps SAN switches for small businesses will be sold through EMC's Select partner program. 

  • Programmable storage adapters: Why they actually make sense

    Programmable storage adapters (aka intelligent storage adapters or ISAs) are a new and upcoming trend in the storage world. Storage expert and Chief Dragon Slayer Marc Staimer explains why they could be of value to your storage system. 

  • Storage Decisions Supplement: Engineering Track Downloads

    To keep up with the demands of data and business requirements, managers need to engineer the most flexible and complete storage network. This track looks at SAN and NAS issues, distance demands, remote offices and how to build out systems.