SAN management

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  • Storage Area Network School: Table of contents

    What is a storage area network? What are the benefits and pitfalls of installation? How can a SAN fit into your organization? These questions and more are answered in our Storage Area Network School. 

  • External SATA RAID array vs. system replacement

    Storage expert Ashley D'Costa answers a reader's question about the benefits of using an external SATA RAID array over replacing his entire system. 

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Data Protection and Backup Track (CHI 2007)

    This track covers the staple backup technologies such as disk and tape, but also has an eye on the litany of new technologies set to drastically alter the data protection landscape. 

  • RAID: It's alive

    RAID is still relevant today, possibly even more than in the past. However, it has become a transparent, standard feature that isn't often discussed. This tip outlines the state of RAID today. 

  • RAID-5 configuration

    Storage management expert Ashley D'Costa answers a reader's question about RAID-5. 

  • Scaling storage networks demands careful consideration

    In the Fibre Channel world, scaling often means adding more and faster switch ports to extend the fabric's bandwidth and connectivity. But IP storage (mainly iSCSI) is a growing area of SAN expansion, using ubiquitous Ethernet network technology to p... 

  • SAN School: Final quiz:

    Now that you've listened to SAN School Webcasts 1-14, take this final quiz and test your expertise on SANs. Good luck! 

  • Storage basics: RAID striping in detail

    How RAID striping improves performance and how parity fits in. 

  • SATA on a Dell Dimension 4400

    Storage expert Greg Schulz discusses using SATA on a Dell Dimension 4400. 

  • FCID on two separate fabrics

    Storage expert Greg Schulz answers a reader's question, "Is it possible to have the same FCID appear on two separate fabrics?"