SAN management

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  • LUN basics

    Greg Schulz outlines what a LUN is and how it is used. 

  • How to replace a failed drive in an array

    Rick Cook explains how to avoid replacing the wrong drive in an array. 

  • Advanced LUN topics

    LUN migration and other data management topics are addressed in this tip. 

  • LUN management

    Expanding and partitioning LUNs is explained. 

  • Storage Outlook '08: Improving disk-based backup

    A senior storage architect tells why his 2008 priorities are disk-based backup and better reporting capabilities, and why he's not considering 8 Gbps Fibre Channel or storage virtualization tools. 

  • Top 5 SAN tips of 2007

    Here are the top 5 SAN tips of 2007, based on our readers' interest. This list covers topics such as RAID, SAN performance and SAN management. 

  • Hard Rock picks Xiotech storage system

    When building a storage network from scratch, the Hard Rock Park picked a SAN from Xiotech, citing the product's ease of management and flexibility. 

  • Using global spare drives to increase SAN reliability

    Here's a checklist for storage administrators using global spare drives to create a more reliable SAN. 

  • Top 25 data storage terms quiz editors did some research and came up with a list of the top 25 data storage glossary terms most requested by our readers. Curious? Take our top 25 data storage terms quick quiz and find out what's first and foremost on the minds of... 

  • How to create a SAN performance baseline

    To understand SAN performance and what is normal SAN behavior, you must have a performance baseline.