Remote data protection

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  • Top 10 backup tips 2006

    Backup is, well, it's backup. It's pretty self-explanatory. You have to protect your data, and it's pretty obvious how to do it -- you make a copy. Although that concept is simple, unfortunately in practice, the backup process can get complicated qui... 

  • Four remote replication management musts

    Remote replication isn't cheap. Getting the biggest bang for your buck from replication requires careful management. This tip outlines remote replication management best practices. 

  • Download Advanced Storage Guide Chapter 2: Backup/Data protection (PDF)

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our Advanced Storage All-In-One Guide. Download Chapter 2: Backup/Data protection in .pdf format now. 

  • Iron Mountain aftermath: Be your own second layer of data protection

    After receiving reader feedback, Jerome Wendt continues with his thoughts on the Iron Mountain fire and offers advice for users sending their data offsite. 

  • Backup your LAN without the performance impact

    Learn how to perform LAN-based backups without placing a burden on your network and reduce the impact of poor network performance on your backups. 

  • Continuous data protection requires a clear purpose in the enterprise, page 2

    Snapshots and replication techniques go a long way toward safeguarding data, but continuous data protection (CDP) can preserve data when recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) are razor-thin -- and data loss simply isn't a... 

  • Improve recovery time for email and file servers, and spend less on remote replication

    This is a growing concern in the industry today because we've seen data growth at 50-60% on a yearly basis. The file servers are getting huge. Mail servers are becoming just impossible to manage or to restore. And a lot of that difficulty is caused b... 

  • How do I identify what data to replicate and what data to simply backup?

    It goes back again to the value of the data to your organization -- or the impact of losing access to this data. Typically, from a business continuity perspective, the best way to establish this is through what we call a "business impact analysis," w... 

  • Disaster recovery FAQ audiocast

    Don't have time to dig into the disaster recovery FAQ text now? Download the audiocast in MP3 format and listen in the car, at the gym -- wherever you want. You can download the entire presentation or the individual questions that you are most intere... 

  • How do I establish recovery priority for my applications?

    If it's at the IT level, it comes from a data perspective. When you start moving up a little bit into the business side, people start looking at the applications because they don't really know where the data is. If we talk today about virtualization,...