Remote and offsite data storage

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  • Cisco sheds light on WAFS plans

    George Kurian, VP and GM of Cisco's Application Delivery Business Unit, talks with about the company's WAFS and WAN optimization product strategy. 

  • Electronic Arts slashes costs with WAN optimization

    EA replaced Exchange servers and tape libraries in more than 30 offices across the globe with Riverbed WAN optimization devices, saving over a million dollars. 

  • Dispelling myths: The truth about WAFS

    As WAFS products roll out across the country, users must figure out which approach works best in their environments. 

  • Tech Roundup: WAFS products

    According to analysts, about 80% of corporate data exists outside of the data center, usually tucked away on user laptops or relegated to remote servers in distant offices. In most cases, that data is only synchronized with the main data center throu... 

  • SAS makes its way into the storage market

    SAS products are now coming on the market and, according to experts, can be a good fit in many kinds of storage setups. 

  • Best practices: 10 basic steps for better backup

    Regardless of the backup application you use, there are fundamentals that need to be in place to ensure better backup operations. 

  • Take care of data restoration clients

    Storage expert Stephen Foskett offers advice on how to deal with a large number of restore requests -- from long term to short term and those coming from the middle.


  • storage distance extension

    Storage distance extension refers to any of several different technologies that allow data communication in Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) over long spans of fiber optic cable. 

  • Remote backup services get affordable

    StorageTek makes its foray into remote backup; Iron Mountain adds stronger encryption to its e-vaulting service, and HP and EMC unveil backup products for SMBs. 

  • Advanced Backup School: Quiz for Lessons 1-3

    Test yourself after you take Lessons 1-3 of our Advanced Backup School.