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  • Drobo, MicroNet add beefier SMB storage systems

    Drobo gets into SMB NAS with DroboPro FS and Drobo Sync for off-site backup, and MicroNet expands its digital media platform with RAIDBank5 with support for USB 3.0 and hardware-based data encryption. 

  • RAID data storage for beginners: A RAID quiz

    Think you know everything about RAID data storage? Take our quiz and find out. 

  • RAID level comparison chart: A free download

    Download our free RAID level comparison chart, where the most important RAID levels are defined, along with information about the pros and cons of each RAID level. 

  • Erasure codes: The foundation of RAID 6 arrays

    RAID 6 arrays offer users better data protection because they utilize erasure codes that make them more reliable than current conventional parity solutions. 

  • Self-healing systems and RAID technology

    Find out how Atrato, DataDirect Networks, Panasas and Xiotech use RAID technology in self-healing systems and also deal with hard disk drive (HDD) failures. 

  • Using a storage partition in your data storage infrastructure

    Learn about the common use cases for a storage partition in a data storage infrastructure, as well as the differences between a storage partition and a LUN. 

  • Managing data storage capacity on RAID

    With data growth increasing every day, the challenge of managing data storage capacity on RAID is also increasing. This is raising some questions about the integrity of RAID, so new technologies are emerging with higher capacities and more capable dr... 

  • Data Robotics CEO: Drobo makes RAID data storage easier

    Data Robotics CEO Tom Buiocchi says the Apple iPad and RAID are on opposite ends of the innovation spectrum; Drobo platform strives to make storage easier than common RAID. 

  • R.I.P. RAID?

    RAID has been a mainstay of data protection for decades, but now its days may soon be numbered. In the May 2010 cover story of Storage magazine, Marc Staimer details the various issues of traditional RAID today and highlights how alternative technolo... 

  • iSCSI storage: How to leverage RAID and ensure server uptime

    Learn how RAID can be used with iSCSI storage, as well as how iSCSI storage systems can be configured for high availability to eliminate single points of failure.