Primary storage capacity optimization

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  • Data storage provisioning best practices

    Best practices for data storage provisioning start with the need for the many stakeholders to communicate and coordinate so the process will be effective. The team approach will also help with the establishment of policies and rules, as well as tool ... 

  • The state of MAID in data centers

    MAID and spin-down storage systems are playing into green IT and consolidation trends. Regulations mandating more power savings will drive the technology, as will persistent data. 

  • MAID product roundup

    MAID and spin-down storage systems play into recent green IT and consolidation trends, and analysts predict most storage systems will one day offer the power-saving features. 

  • MAID technology remains underutilized

    Analysts say MAID is still not fully employed in data centers. But regulations mandating more power savings will help drive the technology, as will the rise of persistent data. 

  • Ocarina partners take on NetApp in primary storage dedupe

    BlueArc, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems and Isilon are looking to deliver a feature users have been clamoring for as data grows and budgets shrink. 

  • Primary storage data reduction takes center stage at SNW

    At Storage Networking World this week, several vendors are releasing new features and products that can save space on primary or nearline storage. 

  • Buying storage capacity in 2009

    Market research shows data growing while budgets shrink in tough economic times, leading storage administrators to look at new technologies to cope. The global economic downturn has users delaying top-tier capacity purchases and moving whatever data ... 

  • Pros and cons of storage capacity management tools

    Learn what storage capacity management tools can and can't do by looking at the operational problems they're attempting to solve. 

  • Top five storage management tips of 2008

    Here are the top five storage management tips of 2008, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as SATA drives, green storage and primary storage optimization. 

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Data Retention & Retrieval Track (San Francisco 2008)

    Call it regulatory compliance, legal vigilance, good disk management or just plain common sense -- regardless of your company's motivation, a sound system for retaining and disposing of data is one of the modern requirements of storage management. D...