• FC technology use still leads despite Ethernet nippi...

    Some have predicted the demise of Fibre Channel for years, but no networking tech has risen above it for mission-critical apps.

  • Jacob Gsoedl

    Jacob Gsoedl is a freelance writer focusing on data storage and a vice president of IT applications with extensive experience with IT infrastructur...

  • RAID rebuild

    A RAID rebuild is the data reconstruction process that occurs in a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) implementation when a hard disk driv...

  • Examining the future of the RAID volume

    Expert Jon Toigo provides a set of tips to answer key questions regarding RAID's place in today's storage world, and whether it will be replaced.

Primary Storage or Storage Hardware

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  • Enhance RAID by leveraging storage virtualization

    According to expert Jon Toigo, RAID doesn't have to be on its way out, as long as it's supplemented with other technologies.

  • As users search for RAID alternatives, erasure coding returns

    According to Jon Toigo, erasure coding is becoming popular for its ability to provide data protection in areas where RAID has some shortcomings.

  • Three key strategies to prevent RAID failure

    In this tip, analyst Jon Toigo shares several ways storage admins can proactively prevent the failure of RAID arrays.

  • Is there still a place for RAID technologies to rule?

    While some analysts say RAID is no longer relevant, Jon Toigo points out how it can still be beneficial for data protection purposes.

  • Avago Technologies joins enterprise storage fray with LSI acquisition

    Avago Technologies announced a $6.6 billion deal to acquire components provider LSI Corp. and turn Avago into a major HDD and SSD components provider.

  • RAID controller

    A RAID controller is a device used to manage hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) in a computer or storage array so they work as a logical unit and the data on the drives is protected.

  • RAID alternatives: Erasure codes and multi-copy mirroring

    Traditional RAID methods and their rebuild processes have some shops suffering long downtimes -- enter erasure codes and multi-copy mirroring.

  • Preston: Erasure coding as a RAID alternative

    Backup expert W. Curtis Preston discusses erasure coding as an alternative to RAID in this video from a recent Storage Decisions presentation.

  • The past, present and future of RAID data protection

    Seemingly everyone working in IT knows the power of RAID, and setting various RAID levels continues to be a solid foundation of a data protection strategy. But RAID efficiency is being put to the test by rapidly expanding data stores, and the storage industry is racing to meet new demands by exploiting technologies such as wide striping, erasure codes and multi-copy mirroring. Erasure code technology, for example, is gaining traction in a slew of enterprise offerings. It's being presented to end users as a way to improve upon RAID systems that require an increasing number of disk drives to run and, in turn, allows for the possibility of problematic rebuild times.

    In this handbook on the past, present and future of RAID data protection, learn which RAID data protection options are viable today, which ones make sense for your shop, and how RAID can be replaced and improved upon.

  • Future of data storage: Addressing traditional architecture problems

    Storage expert Phil Goodwin discusses the main issues with traditional primary storage options and how those issues are being addressed.