NAS management

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  • SAN, NAS come together at last

    Once sharply divided, SAN and NAS vendors are coming together to provide customers with solutions that best suit their needs. 

  • Six steps to improving disk throughput

    In Windows 2000, while the disk system is the logical suspect in performance degradation, it's not the only possible culprit--it may mean you need more memory. 

  • Consolidating NAS pays off

    The role of network-attached storage may be changing as more and more storage managers discover the the benefits of using NAS to consolidate file servers. 

  • Top 10 IP storage tips

    Here, you find the top 10 tips storage neophytes must consider before going down the IP storage path. 

  • Data classification: Start with applications

    In this tip Rick Cook explains how classification by application, and not data type, allows Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to start paying dividends almost immediately. 

  • Set up persistent binding on an HBA

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, SAN expert Chris Poelker gives you the code to set up persistent binding on an HBA for a Unix host. 

  • Using NAS for database storage

    This tip takes a look at online yellow page company YP.Net, and shows how their CTO optimized the company's database for high performance, and why he chose NAS storage over SAN. 

  • The critical link in mirroring

    It's important it is keep the lines of communication open. The same is true for data mirroring. This tip explains why it's crucial to analyze the quality of your lines. 

  • New FC-AL technology ushers in "SBOD"

    New technology puts what amounts to an FC-AL switch and allows the controller to establish point-to-point connections between a storage device and the controller. 

  • Resource guide to snapshots (or point-in-time copies)

    Learn what the experts are saying about where and when to use snapshot technology as part of your backup and disaster recovery architecture.