NAS hardware

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  • Snap users get a boost

    A new NAS server from Snap, now owned by Adaptec, will give EMC and HP a run for their money in the mid-range market 

  • Adaptec buys NAS king Snap

    Targeting the low-end and a fresh installed base, Adaptec agreed yesterday to acquire San Jose, Calif.-based Snap Appliance. The $100 million dollar deal will give Adaptec more fire power to go after customers who may otherwise buy EMC or HP. 

  • NAS clustering breaks 1 GB barrier

    PolyServe has announced that its NAS clustering software offers 1 GB in I/O throughput, bettering traditional NAS appliances, it claims 

  • Sun recharges its storage line

    Among Sun's swath of server and software news, there's a smattering of storage updates –- notably the 6920 Pirus box. 

  • Microsoft lines up NAS partners

    EMC, HP and Dell announce support for Exchange users on Windows NAS boxes. How are the offerings different? 

  • Sun and NAS to meet again

    Sun is taking its third stab at the NAS market, this time via a software licensing deal with Procom. 

  • NAS appliance eases server mayhem

    Forty file and print servers became impossible to manage so Risdall bit the bullet and spent some money on a storage project 

  • Dell's new Windows-based NAS scales to 4 TB

    Standing out in a NAS world dominated by the Microsoft operating system isn't easy. But Dell hopes that recent enhancements to its entry-level NAS hardware line will separate it from the rest of the pack. 

  • NetApp to reshape its storage architecture

    NetApp has embarked on an ambitious project that will ultimately reshape its file-centric storage architecture. 

  • Animation studio undertakes Titan-ic NAS deployment

    C.O.R.E. Feature Animation has deployed a trio of BlueARC's Titan SiliconServer systems. Also this week, AppIQ develops iSCSI management tools for Intel and a new Exchange archiving tool hits the streets.